The 8th China International Metalworking Fluids & Surface Cleaning Technology Development Summit

【Time】Autumn 2023

【Location】To be determined

Manufacturing industry is the main body of a country’s national economy. It is the foundation of a nation, the tool for rejuvenating a country and the base of a powerful nation. Industrial civilization started in the middle of 18th century. Since then the world history and Chinese history have proved again and again that the prosperity of a nation lies in the power of manufacturing industry.

Metalworking fluids are widely used in manufacturing. They are the media that must be used as lubricant, coolant and flush fluid during the metalworking. Compared with the world’s advanced level, Chinese products are high- pollution. There are the high proportion of oil-based cutting fluid emissions ,which is up about 80%. With the increasingly environmental pollution, many places have launched environmental protection. So, oil-based cutting fluids have been restrictedly used step by step.

Meanwhile, the “Made in China 2025“ is introduced to strengthen the high-end manufacturing, Metalworking fluids industry in high-end manufacturing is not only to uphold the development, but also will carry the building green manufacturing system on shoulders and take the development of ecological civilization .

In summary, metalworking fluids technology’s progress is closely related to national strategy. Cutting fluid which is environment-friendly is the development direction of cutting fluid. Additionally ,it is an important support to build a green manufacturing system, and comes “Made in China 2025” strategic planning into reality. Therefore , we invite you to attend 2023 metalworking fluids technology development forum, sharing the advanced metalworking fluid technology.

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The 6th China International Metalworking Fluids & Surface Cleaning Technology Development Summit

【Time】Oct 28-29, 2021

【Venue】Shangri-La Hotel,Hangzhou

Oct 28, 2021

TimeTopicCompanySpeakerJob Title
08:00-10:00 Registration and booth visiting
10:00-10:20 Opening Ceremony
10:20-10:50From the beginning to the end, overall operationCastrol Co., LtdHuang ShugangTechnology Engineer
Research on microorganism survival rate in green and environment friendly metalworking fluidQuaker Houghton Lili ChenScientist
11:20-11:50Meng Qingxin 1560 series watering defoaming agentMeng Qingxin Additive Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Du JinChina Key Account Manager
12:00-13:30 Buffet and booth visiting
14:00-14:30Foaming impact and solution in water-based cutting fluidsSinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. Shanghai Research InstituteLiu QingkunDeputy Director
14:30-15:00Discussion on structure-activity relationship and synthesis technology of polyether for metal processingNanjing Well Pharmaceutial Co.,Ltd InstitudeShi ChenDeputy Director of Institute of New Lubricating Materials
15:00-15:30Series of metal anticorrosion and lubricant additive development and applicationShanghai Advanced Institute of Chinese Academy of SciencesZeng Xiangqiongresearcher
15:30-15:50 Coffee break & booth visiting
15:50-16:20New and high efficient microemulsion metalworking fluid key technology and applicationShanghai Institute of TechnologyHanshengDean
16:20-16:50How AIoT support the digital transform in metalworking fluid industryZKH360Chen Guorong, Chen tianyuChemical solution expert, Metalworking fluids senior engineer

Oct 29, 2021

TimeTopicCompanySpeakerJob Title
09:30-10:00Ternary amino acid dissymmetry derivation research and applicationNeuftech(Hefei)Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd.Qi BinResearch manager
10:00-10:30R&D ideas of normal temperature and high pressure spray cleaning agentBuhumwoo chemical (liaoning) Ltd,.co.Li HaochuangR&D vice-director
10:30-10:50 Coffee break & booth visiting
10:50-11:20How environment friendly low defoaming surfactant support industry cleaning DOW Chemical (China) Co. Ltd.Ma xiaolinSenior FAE
11:20-11:50Application of new alcohol ether in cleaning agentShanghai ISA Chemical Technology CO.,LTD Shanghai ISA Chemical Technology CO.,LTD Dongjie.XuGeneral Manager
12:00-13:30 Buffet and booth visiting
13:30-14:00Surfactant function and the application in water based metalworking detergent CHINA RESEARCH INSTITUE OF DAILY CHEMISTRYTai xiumei Deputy director of new application center
14:00-14: 30Sasol cleaning solution - Committed for an efficient and sustainable cleaningSasol (China) Chemical Co., LtdCaffie TianEngineer MWL Support
14: 30-15: 00Solvay Water Based low temperature metal cleaning AdditivesSolvay (China) Co., LtdNiandong SuSenior Research Scientist
15: 00-15:30Research on the development trend of China metalworking fluid marketSCI ConsultingLeo LiuProject Manager
15:30-16:00Discussion on VOC problem in detergentNCH ChinaXiang MingTechnical manager

2020 5th China Metalworking Fluids Technology Development Summit

【Time】Oct. 22, 2020

【Venue】Tongli Lake Resort Phase II

2020 China Metalworking Fluid Technology Development Summit Forum
9:00-9:25Introduction of new generation high-performance biologically stable non-soap-based aluminum hot rolling fluid technologyQuaker HoughtonChen HuanNon-ferrous rolling technology research and development supervisor
9:25-9:50Application of a new generation of three-dimensional siloxane in metalworking fluidsMeng Qingxin Additive Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Du JinChina Key Account Manager
9:50-10:15Preparation of anti-miscellaneous fully synthetic aluminum alloy microporous tapping fluid and comparison of lubricating performance with some competing fully synthetic and emulsified oilsShanghai Chengde Trading Co., Ltd.Li ChangqunTechnical Manager
10:15-10:45Visit & Coffee Break
10:45-11:10Evaluation and application of low-foam emulsifier and trans polyether in metalworking fluidsLevima New Material Technology Co., Ltd.You LonggangR&D manager
11:15-11:40Low-odor fully synthetic liquid solutionSasol (China) Chemical Co., Ltd.Li JiushengTechnical Support Engineer
11:40-12:05Application of water-soluble polyethers with different structures in fully synthetic metalworking fluidsClariant Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.Hao JinhuiTechnical manager
13:30-13:55Health and safety in the use of metalworking fluidsFlowserve Lubricants (China) Co., Ltd.Zeng YongjunMetalworking fluid product manager
13:55-14:20Minimal lubrication and supporting oil for clean cuttingSinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. Shanghai Research InstituteLi Jinresearcher
14:20-14:45Research and development of integrated circuit wafer and chip manufacturing processing fluidShanghai Advanced Institute of Chinese Academy of SciencesZeng Xiangqiongresearcher
14:45-15:05Visit & Coffee Break
15:05-15:30The relationship between molecular structure and performance of various water-based lubricantsHangzhou Umi Chemical Co., Ltd.Zou YunhuiGeneral Manager and Chief Researcher
15:30-16:20The development status and planning of domestic neodecanoic acid and its application in the water-based cutting fluid industryFoshan Jinjia New Material Technology Co., Ltd.Zeng ChuanqiGeneral manager
16:20-16:45Selection and Application of Lubricating Ester in Rolling OilSenior industry expertsChen Chunhuai

2018 3rd China Metalworking Fluids Technology Development Summit


【Venue】Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel

Conference Issues

TimeSubjectSpeakerCompanyCompany Position
6.20( 9: 00 - 9: 30 )Discussion on lubrication requirements of aluminum processing for automobilesLin LinChinalco GroupChief Engineer of Aluminum Processing
6.20( 9: 30 - 10: 00 )Demand for metal materials for lightweight automobilesPark myungSoo ( south Korea ) Shanghai shuaifeng industrial co., ltd. ( formerly posco steel group, south Korea ) Technical Director
6.20( 10: 30 - 11: 00 )Application of metalworking fluid in automobile parts manufacturing industryLi JinShanghai research institute / Sinopec lubricating oil co., ltd.Researcher
6.20( 11: 00 - 11: 30 )Overview of lubrication technology for new generation colored hot rollingWang xiHao Fulton ( Shanghai ) senior industrial media co., ltd.Technical Manager
6.20( 11: 30 - 12: 00 )Influence of metal working fluid type on tool wear and machining qualityChen LiliKuike Chemistry ( China ) co., ltd. Researcher
6.20( 13: 30 - 14: 00 )Oxidation and aging of metal working fluidsChen chunhuai Senior Experts in the industry
6.20( 14: 00 - 14: 30 )Study on corrosion inhibition performance of aluminum phosphate ester with different structuresHao JinhuiSolvi Investment co., ltd. Technical Service Manager
6.20( 14: 30 - 15: 00 )Corrosion: problems and controlChen YundongAssociation of Friction Scholars and Lubrication Engineers ( xinmei branch industrial products ( Shanghai ) co., ltd. )Technical Director of Asia Pacific Region
6.20( 16: 00 - 16: 30 )Synthesis of sodium sulfonate by sur fonic sm: a low-foaming emulsifier for water-soluble metalworking fluidsAnnabel rubioHuntsman Chemical Trade ( Shanghai ) co., ltd. Senior Scientist
6.20( 16: 30 - 17: 00 )Solution of low bubble surface activity and apeo substitute productsDr. Li leiJiangsu Lianhong Technology co., ltd. Deputy General Manager
6.21( 9: 00 - 9: 30 )Challenges of 3c industry changes to metalworking fluidsLi MaoshengGuangzhou Fang Chuan Lubrication Technology co., ltd. Technical Director
6.21( 9: 30 - 10: 00 )Application of metal working fluid in 3c industryXianghuiResearch Institute of Lubrication, Guangzhou institute of mechanical scienceDirector
6.21( 10: 00 - 10: 30 )Design ideas and monitoring points of processing fluid suitable for 3c productsXu dongjieShanghai Yisa Chemical Technology co., ltd. General Manager
6.21( 11: 00 - 11: 30 )Grinding and treatment of grinding burnsWu ronghuaLifu Chemical ( Shanghai ) co., ltd.General Manager
6.21( 11: 30 - 12: 00 )High efficiency application of high pressure cooling in machiningCeng YongjunGerman Fox Group - Fox ChinaMetalworking Fluid Product Manager
6.21( 13:30-14:00 )Semi-synthetic formula system with durable low foamZhao zezhuShanghai Hongze Chemical co., ltd.Technical Service Engineer
6.21( 14:00-14:30 )Study on performance and application of an improved polyether copper-aluminum corrosion inhibitor containing no silicon and phosphorus elementsCheng QinghuaNortel Biotech ( Hefei ) co., ltd.Chief Engineer
6.21( 15:00-15:30 )Corrosion inhibitor - gelbert acidChen fangboSasso ( China ) Chemical co., ltd. Senior Technical Support Engineer
6.21(15: 30 - 16: 00 )Screening of antifoaming agent in water-based cutting fluiWang Qiang Tianjing Haoruisen Chemical Trade co., ltd. Manager

2016-2017 China Metalworking Fluids Technology Development Summit Review

2017 2nd China Metalworking Fluids Technology Development Summit


【Venue】Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel

Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association Metalworking Fluids Committee
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Shanghai BAOSTEEL Industry Technology Service Co.,Ltd

May.10,2017 MWF Conference Agenda

9:00-9:40Metalworking Corrosion Issues and Test MethodsSTLEJerry.P.ByersCMFS? Expert
9:40-10:20Effect of Metalworking Fluids on Tool LifeFUCHS Lubricants ChinaJian YuanMWF R&D Project Manager
10:20-10:40Tea Break
10:40-11:20New Polymeric Emulsifier Technology and Application AftonColin LiuMWF CTS Supervisor
11:20-12:00Test Method for Rust Prevention of Water Base Materials: an Interpretation of the Standard of Cast Iron ScrapsThe Rust Prevention Committee of China Surface Engineering AssociationZhengqian WuSecretary General/Senior Engineer
12:00-12:40New Developments in Ashless Rust Preventive TechnologiesLubrizolTao ZhuTechnology Manager
14:00-14:40Specialty Amines’ Application in Metal Working FluidsANGUS Chemical CompanyRachel ZengCustomer Application Specialist
14:40-15:20New Generation of Phosphate-esters for MWFSolvay ChinaJinhui Hao Technical Service
15:20-15:40Tea Break
15:40-16:20Low Foam Emulsifier Application in Metal Working FluidDow Chemical (China) Investment Co., LtdLixin YouTechnical Engineer
16:20-17:00Study on the Properties of a New Polymeric EsterNeuftech(Hefei)Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd.Qinghua ChengGeneral Engineer
17:00-17:40The Trends of Microbial Control Technology for Metalworking FluidsSchülke & Mayr GmbH Donie ZhangBusiness Development Manager

May.11,2017 MWF Conference Agenda

9:00-9:40Test Method and Technical Requirements of Whole Vehicle Corrosion TestSAIC MOTOR Technical CenterKui HanTest&Validation Department Body and Exterior&Interior Test Manager
9:40-10:20Bio-diversity Analysis and Key Strain Identification in MWFQuaker Chemical (China) Co., Ltd.Zengtai ChenProduct Development Manager
10:20-10:40Tea Break
10:40-11:20Gas to Liquids—Leading Edge Innovation for Metal Working Oils ShellLiping WangSenior Lubes Technical Adviser PO NEA
11:20-12:00Road Leads to High Performance Fully Synthetic Metalworking FluidShanghai Starry Chemical Co.,Ltd.Alan ZhaoTechnical Service Engineer
12:00-12:40Study on Friction and Wear Behavior and Mechanism of Titianium Alloys under Lubrication of Self-emulsifying Ester (SEE)Tianjing Reasearch Institute for Advanced Equipment,Tsinghua University Yuanjing DaiExecutive Deputy Director
14:00-14:40Development of Nonferrous Metal Processing Equipment, Technology and ProductsChina Nonferrous Metals Industry AssociationDefeng LiDeputy Director
14:40-15:20Application Technology and Market Analysis of Large Straight Steel Pipe in Heavy Steel Pipe Structure Shanghai Steel Tube AssociationYongxi SunExpert Committee Director
15:20-15:40Tea Break
15:40-16:20Application and Maintenance Technology of Stainless Steel cold rolling mill Shanghai Research Institute of Sinopec Lubricating Oil Co., Ltd.Jingyu WangSenior Engineer Ph.D
16:20-17:00Development of Metallurgical Steel Industry and Application of Advanced MaterialsShanghai Shipbuilding Technology Research InstituteJiaben ChenResearcher
17:00-17:40New Thinking on the Lubrication of Metal Processing Technology under the New NormaUniversity of Science and Technology BeijingJianlin SunVice Dean Professor and Ph.D Tutor

2016 China Metalworking Fluids Technology Development Summit

【Time】June 23,2016

【Venue】Renaissance Shanghai Yangtze Hotel

Shanghai Lubricant Trade Association Metalworking Fluids Committee
Shanghai Intex Exhibition Co.,Ltd
Shanghai BAOSTEEL Industry Technology Service Co.,Ltd

2016 MWF Conference Agenda

Time TopicCompanySpeakerTitle
9:00-9:25Challenges in the Development of Environmentally Friendly Metalworking FluidsSTLENeil CanterMember of STLE Board of Directors
9:25-9:50Green Approaches on Metal Working Fluids Houghton (Shanghai) Specialty Industrial Fluids Co. Ltd.Max ChenGeneral Manager
9:50-10:15Current Industry Trends towards More Environmentally Benign Water Miscible Cutting LubricantsGerman FUCHS Group – FUCHS ChinaAlexander VorushilovR&D Manager
10:15-10:30Tea Break
10:30-10:55The Solution between Application and Formulation Design for MWF Neat OilAfton Chemical (Suzhou) Co.,Ltd.Colin LiuMWF金屬加工液技術主管
10:55-11:20Water Based Anti Rust Agent and its DevelopmentThe Rust Prevention Committee of China Surface Engineering AssociationYongxiu LuoProfessor
11:20-11:55Steel Rolling Process and Applied ChemicalsShanghai Baosteel Industry Technological Service Co.,Ltd. Yunjing LiTechnical Manager
13:30-13:55Brief Review on Technology Development of Steel Cold Rolling OilQuaker Chemical (China) Co. Ltd.Xingang ZhangR&D Manager
13:55-14:20Metal working Trends and Technology InnovationLubrizol Co. Ltd.Tao ZhuTechnical Manager
14:20-14:55The Application of Sulfurized EP Additive in Water Soluble Metalworking FluidShanghai Starry Chemical Co., Ltd.George LiuGeneral Manager
14:55-15:20Tea Break
15:20-15:45PAGs Products as Performance Booster in Metal Working FluidsDOW Chemical (China) Co. Ltd.Lixin YouChemist
15:45-16:10Patent Application and Analysis Layout of Metal Working Fluids Shanghai Micro - spectrum Chemical Technology Services Ltd. Zhi YongwuManager of the Consulting Services
16:10-16:35Metal Working Oil and SurfactantSanyo Chemical Industries, Ltd.Yoshitaka KatsukawaResearch & Application Division Functional Chemicals Research Dept.Unit Chief