Inter Lubric China 2023 , MWF&SC 2023

The 22nd China International Lubricants and Technology Exhibition

China International Metalworking Fluids and Surface Cleaning Technology Exhibition

June 29th to July 1st, 2023
Hall W3, Shanghai New International Expo Center

Booth Reservation Process

Step 1:Contact us

Please give us a phone call directly or send us an e-mail with your company information.
We will then provide you with the Exhibition Brochure, an update floor plan and other needed information.

Step 2 : Choose Booth

INTER LUBRIC CHINA and WMF &SC Team will recommend you an appropriate booth in proper location which depends on your exhibits and services and needs.
You can choose raw space or a shell scheme booth.

  • Raw Space ≥18 sqm: Exhibitors need to design and construct their own booth on a raw space. A raw space booth can better reflect your company’s strength and brand image.
  • Shell Scheme?booth?≥9 sqm: Organizers will set up the booth for exhibitors using our standard booth template.

Step 3 :Sign Contract

After signing the booth contract and exhibitor needs to pay 50% exhibition fee in 15 working days.

Step 4 :Prepare for Exhibiting

After the contract confirmation, exhibitor should timely provide company information, exhibitor badge information and other necessary information through online submission or sending e-mail to organizer based on the ‘Exhibitor Guide’ requirement.

Mr. Kerley Zhang
Phone:+86 21 62951239 / 18019369505

Booth Booking

Shanghai Intex Exhibition Company Co., Ltd
Address: Floor 11, New Town Mansion, No. 55 Lou Shan Guan Road, Shanghai 200336, P.R.China

Booth Price

AreaSpace Only(USD)Shell Scheme(USD)
Premium2,500/9㎡ (mininal 9㎡)250/㎡ (mininal 18㎡)
Zone A2,300/9㎡ (mininal 9㎡)230/㎡ (mininal 18㎡)
Zone B2,000/9㎡ (mininal 9㎡)200/㎡ (mininal 18㎡)

Raw Space:

Includes: Space Rental, Security, Exhibitor Passes.

Booth Minimum Size: 18㎡

Shell Scheme:

Includes: Space Rental, Security, Exhibitor Passes, Stand Construction and Dismantling, 2.5-meter-high Partition Wall, 1 Carpet,1 Information Tables, 2 Folding Chairs, Fascia Board with Company Name in both Chinese and English, 2 Spotlights, 1 Power Socket, 1 Wastebasket.

Booth Minimum Space: 9㎡.


  • ?Advertisement and Sponsorship Opportunities:The brochure includes online and offline advertisements(Such as Show Badge,Tickets Ad,Wechat,Website Ad etc). If you are interested, please download the ‘Advertisement and Sponsorship Opportunities’? to fill in or send e-mail to us for details.